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What breeds work best
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Placing Your Order:
1. What's the best way to place my order with the hatchery?

Currently, you can place your order either by phone, fax or e-mail. Becasue our e-mail is not currently on a secure server, please do not include any credit card information. Once we receive your order, we'll call and gather payment information. Once your credit card information is on file, future orders can be made completely via e-mail w/o calling or faxing in your payment info. If you decide to fax or e-mail your order, please remember to include the following information:

  • Name
  • Shipping Address
    Be sure to include your Zip Code
  • Phone number(for notification of delivery by US Post Office
  • VISA or MasterCard Account number and expiration date (EXCEPT FOR INITIAL E-MAIL ORDERS)
  • Preferred shipping date(Hatch days are Wednesdays)
    In the event that your preferred shipping date is not available, we will contact you and work out an alternate date.
  • Order Information
    Be sure to include what breeds, sex, and quantity.
Call your order to (559) 264-2090
~ 8:30am - 4:30pm PT ~
Monday - Friday
E-mail your order to
~ 24 Hours ~
Fax your order to (559) 264-2095
~ 24 Hours ~
2 . How can I pay for my order?

The preferred form of payment is with VISA or MasterCard. However, you may choose to prepay for your order via money order . However, orders can not be shipped until payment is received. Allow two weeks for order delivery when prepayment is used. Sorry, personal checks are no longer accepted.

  • For prepayments, please call the hatchery to set up your order and determine the total amount for your order.
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Shipping Questions:
1. What days do you ship the chicks?
We hatch and ship every Wednesday(Thursdays when national holiday lands on Wednesday).
2. How long can I expect delivery of my chicks to take?
Depending on where the chicks are being shipped, you can expect delivery in one to two days. Typically, locations in the mid-west and east coast areas require 2-3 days. West coast deliveries usually arrive within 24 hrs.
4. I live on the East Coast, will my chicks handle the shipping from California?
Yes. We include in every out of state shipment a special supplement for the chicks during shipment. This supplement has proven to allow the chicks to handle a 3 day shipment time with virtually no problems! However, if you do experience any loss above the normal extra that is included in every shipment, contact us immediately and we'll replace or refund your loss.
3. Do I pay the shipping costs?
Yes. However, for orders of 300 or more, shipping is free.
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Minimum Order Questions:
1. What are the Minimum Order Requirements?
  • Chicks: 25 minimum(can be made up of more than one breed or sex)
  • Turkeys: 15 minimum
2. The minimum order requirement is 25 chicks. However, I don't need 25 of one type of bird. Can I use more than one breed to meet the minimum order requirement?
Absolutely! Feel free to select several breeds to make up your order requirement. However, a $1.00 fee per breed or sex is charged for every variety or sex ordered or minimum charge of $6.00, whichever greater.
3. How does the Boxing Charge work?

If your minimum order is made up with with multiple breeds or sexes, that has less than 25 of one breed or sex will have a $1.00 per breed charge or a minimum of $5.00, whichever is greater
For Example:

  • An order of 25 chicks comprised of:
    10 Rhode Island Red Pullets
    15 Barred Rock Pullets

    would have a $5.00 boxing fee added to the invoice.
  • An order of 25 chicks comprised of:
    2 Rhode Island Pullets
    2 Rhode Island Cockerels
    4 Barred Rock Pullets
    2 Barred Rock Cockerels
    2 Buff Orpington Pullets
    2 Buff Orpington Cockerels
    10 Cornish Cross S/R

    would have a total boxing charge of $8.00 ($1.00 per each breed and sex of breed).
  • An order of 25 chicks comprised of:
    25 Rhode Island Pullets
    would have no boxing fee added.
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Pullets/Cockerels/St-Run...What's the difference?
1. What is the difference between "pullets", "cockerels", and "St/Run"?
Pullets are females, or hens. Cockerels are males, or roosters. St/Run(Straight Run) is a mixture of both cockerels and pullets. Simply put, the birds are counted out of the hatching pan right into the chick box. Its usually about a 50:50 ratio of males to females.
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What breeds work best for my specific needs?
1. Which breed are the best layers?

This is certainly a subjective subject. However, with our own flocks, the Rhode Island Reds are, by far, the best brown egg layers. A close second would be the Black Sex-Links.

As far as strong white egg layers, White Leghorns would be your best choice.

2. I need some birds that will be decent layers and also dress out well. What breed should I get?
There are several choices that work well in this area. Buff Orpingtons, Black Australorps, Black and Golden Sex-Links, New Hampshire Reds are all good dual purpose birds.
3. I simply want a good bird for dressing out, what's the best way to go?
The answer is simple; go with the Cornish Cross. These birds are ready for butcher at 8 weeks! These are the industry standard for broiler growers throughout the nation.
4. I am interested in growing birds that do well with the Asian Market; what are my choices?

Usually, the correct breed selection depends on what region you are located. However, the following breeds are typically the most popular in the Asian market:

  • Black Sex-Link: Average mature time, but very easy to raise and has good coloring for this market.
  • Rhode Island Red Cockerels: In some areas, the red roosters are in good demand.
5. What are bantams good for?

Bantams, in many respects, have few practical uses. They are poor egg layers and the eggs they do produce are extremely small in size. The birds are small, so that takes care of meat value. So what's left? These bantams are simply fun to have and watch! They are beautifully colored and seem to have much more personality than the standard breeds. Also, because of their small size, they don't go through much feed.

Bantams are good setters, so if you have eggs that need this type of attention, bantams(especially White Silkies) will adopt just about any type of egg as her own.

Of course, bantams are very popular for 4-H and FFA projects.

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