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Poultry And Other Interesting Links

Updated 8/9/2021

Poultry Related Associations
American Poultry Association
National 4-H Headquarters
Poultry Pages By Poultry Enthusiasts
Home Grown Poultry Magazine (Home Grown Poultry Magazine is a gorgeous "how to" magazine that is all about raising, showing and marketing chickens, waterfowl, and exotic poultry.)
Pocket Flocks (An appreciation of bantam chickens; their beauty, versatility and utility! Basic poultry info and bantam specific networking!)
Poultry Information
Diane Jacky's Poultry Artist(Diane has done wonderful work for us - artwork for our poultry poster.)
Game Bird Hatcheries, Info, etc.
Metzer Farms (A great source for waterfowl from Gonzales, CA)
Kemps Koop (A good source of info on Old English Game Birds and more.)
Rocky Mountain Hatchery & Gamebirds(We don't deal with Game Birds, but these folks do.)
Reston Game Bird Farm/Hatchery (Game Bird Farm and Hatchery located in Roseburg, OR)
Rocking T Ranch (A small mom and pop operation breeding several varieties of chickens, bantams, guinea fowl, quail, and other feathered friends in central Texas. There website contains hundreds of photos of our birds, barns, facilities, plus help pages for chicken pen construction, bantam or gamebird breeder cage construction, and LOTS of help info for novice poultry people. ) ( They buy, sell, and trade pheasants and game birds. If you don't see what you're looking for they will be happy to help you locate it. Their site is designed to help other breeders and hobbyist.)
Arkana Pheasantry (NPIP Certified Hatchery of Gamebirds. Ornamental & Ringneck Pheasants, Quail, Chukars & Peafowl.Eggs, Day Old Chicks, Flight Condition Birds & Breeders. Nationwide Shipping.)
Bobwhite Quail Farm (Bobwhite quail flight birds,day old chicks, eggs. we will help you fill your needs when it comes to quail in large and small orders.)
Poultry Equipment/Supplies
Miller Manufacturing Company(Little Giant Ag/Pet Products. )
Henspa Complete Coop System (The Henspa is a complete coop system designed to minimize mess, make feeding and watering a snap and provide you with fresh eggs daily!)
Kemp's Koop Poultry Supply (Kemp's Koops offers Quality Poultry Supplies available for Immediate Purchase over the Internet!.We specialize in items such as Incubators, Books, Medications, Feeders and Leg Bands.)
Southern Traditions Co. (Southern Traditions co. is a large supplier of Poultry and Gamefowl Equipment. We offer competitive pricing of Incubators, brooders, Wing and Leg Bands. )
Hasco Tag Company (Hasco produces wing bands, leg bands, and/or plastic wing badges, etc.)
Poultry Egg Incubators
NatureForm Hatchery Systems ( NatureForm Hatchery Systems is one of the leading and most respected suppliers of egg incubators, small egg incubators, chicken egg incubators and poultry egg incubators. Belt Hatchery uses NatureForm Incubators and Hatchers.)
Misc. and Exotics Information
Allandoo Pheasantry ( Breeders of rare and ornamental pheasants in Southwest Scotland.)
Dove Page (Informative page on getting starting in raising doves. )

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