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A brooder ring for some of Belt Hatchery's 1998 breeding stock Belt Hatchery is a self contained poultry hatchery that maintains its own breeding flocks. We put down new breeder replacements every July to allow us to start every hatching season with fresh breeding stock. This provides us with hatching eggs that have high hatchability and produces clean, strong chicks for you!
One of many brooding rings for our new breeders.
COnstruction of Belt HAtchery's new facility Because of increasing demand for our chicks, we needed to expand our operation. So on Christmas eve, 1993, the concrete for our new hatchery was poured. By April, 1994 the construction was complete and the operation moved into the new facility. This move allowed us to nearly double the increase in our production!
Construction of the new hatchery begins December 24, '93.
Pulling a hatch at Belt Hatchery Moving a poultry hatchery is never pleasant! But it was worth the pain and suffering! But, as Murphy's Law would have it; after we expanded, we still needed more space. Demand for Belt Hatchery's "Classy Chicks" never seems to stop, thanks to you!
Some of Belt Hatchery's finest pulling a hatch. There's a few more pictures, if interested.

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