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Standard Breeds
Rhode Island Red
These are the "all purpose" birds. They are solid red in color and are very sturdy. Hens are fantastic brown egg layers; up to 255 eggs per year. You can't go wrong with these birds!
  Barred Rock
These birds have been around for many years. Hens are fantastic layers in all types of weather. Their solid plumpness and yellow skin make for a great roasting fowl as well. They are also known as "Plymouth Rocks".
One of several breeding houses at
Belt Hatchery's Breeding Farm
Black Sex-Link
Excellent brown egg layer. The pullets hatch out black while the cockerels are very similar in appearance to a Barred Rock. These are extremely high in demand from our Asian community.
One of several Breeder Barns At Belt Hatchery's Breeder Ranch Golden Sex-Link
This color sexing breed cross is very hardy and has has excellent feed conversion. The hens are top producers, laying brown eggs. The females are light red with white tail and wing feathers. The males are white; similar to a White Rock rooster.
White Leghorn
These birds are fantastic white egg producers with good feed conversion. They are strong birds that have a high resistance to disease. To get the most out of your egg producing dollar-these are the birds for you.
  New Hampshire Red
A beautiful chestnut red bird that
is thrifty and strong. Hens use about
4 .5 lbs. of feed per dozen eggs.

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