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Specialty & Bantam Breeds
Mille Fleur
These beautiful birds, which are a color form of the Belgian d'Uccle, or Booted bantam, are one of the most requested of all the bantams we carry. Their reddish feathers that are tipped in white and their heavy leg feathering make them quite an eye catcher for your bantam collection!
B.B. Red Old English
These birds have become a standard in the "Game Bird" arena. Brightly colored plumage and sleek body frame provides an excellent example of a fine game bird for your collection.
Silver Sebright
These bantams have the same characteristics as the Golden Sebrights except for their silver-white coloring with each feather traced in black.
White Crested Black Polish(pictured above)
This bantam has a sleek black body, with a white crested head. The hens lay white small, white eggs. The roosters like to "strut their stuff".
Golden Sebright
White & Black Silkie
These bantams have mulberry colored combs with feathers down their shanks and toes. They are very broody, allowing them to be excellent setters of eggs from almost any type of bird.
Golden Sebright (pictured above)
These clean legged bantams, which are very small and in much demand, are golden in color with each feather laced in black. The Sebrights are "hen feathered". This means that the male, unlike other chickens, has no pointed sex feathers in the hackle, saddle, or tail.
Specialty Breeds:  
Known as the "Easter Egg" chicken; these birds lay the famous green, blue, and pink eggs! They are energetic and very easy to raise. Each bird looks different. Some are white; some are black; some are speckled with puffy little cheeks! One thing is for sure, you'll love these birds!
White Plymouth Rock:
A single comb, all white feathered breed that is a very popular dual-purpose bird. This breed is typically used in the creation of the Cornish Cross broiler. A good layer of brown eggs and body size makes them perfect for meat prodution when fast growth of the broiler strain is not necessary.
Danish Brown Leghorn
These members of the Leghorn family are probably the prettiest of all the Leghorns. They have white ear lobes and large red combs, yellow skin, shanks and feet. The medium brown hens are non setters and are excellent white egg layers. The males have multi-shades of brown and orange feathers and have long, full black tail feathers. They are very regal.
A dual purpose breed having white plumage with black & white barred hackle & tail feathers. Are considered good layers of brown eggs.
This breed is very similar in appearance to the Barred Rock. However, they are classified as a medium sized bird with rose comb. Dominiques are decent brown egg layers, but are not considered a high egg producer. A popular breed for showing.
Light Brahma
A hardy, heavy class bird that fares well in cold climate conditions. The hens are good layers, producing brown eggs. The birds have black and white plumage and have fully feathered shanks and toes. Brahmas are not fast growers, but given time, can be good roasters.

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