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Our first hach for the 2015 season will be February 4, 2015.

1. No breed changes for our 2015 hatching season.

2. Our 2015 Retail Price List is now available online.

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2015 Retail Price List

Behind The Scenes at Belt Hatchery

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The Belt Family, 2014
Belt Hatchery is a wholesale poultry hatchery that serves the entire U.S, providing the highest quality in day-old poultry from the west!

Our 2015 Retail Price List will be available after January 2, 2015.

Behind The Scenes shares our history, as well as what it takes to produce our famous “Classy Chicks”.

There are Breed Descriptions for Standard Breeds, Heavy Breeds, and Specialty Breeds, as well. We have APA approved artwork for many of our breeds; they are beautifully done pieces originally done for our poster.

Belt Hatchery
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Our office is closed for the '14 off season.
We'll be back, February 4, 2015 for our 1st hatch of out 2015 season.

Spring 2014 Office Hours (Begining 1/26/15):
Monday - Friday 9:00am - 12:00pm & 1:00pm - 4:00pm Pacific Time

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