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Belt Hatchery's "Classy Chicks"Behind The ScenesBelt Hatchery's "Classy Chicks"
A Few More Photos
Doing some maintainance
Moving one of our incubators in the new hatchery. The Belt Family, 2014 Equipment maintenance is a way of life in a hatchery.
Wing Web Vaccinating of Breeders Working with Belt Hatchery's Breeders
It's not easy providing the best quality chicks: Every winter, the new breeders are vaccinated. There's more to maintaining a hatchery than just equipment maintenance: the breeders are equally important for producing the chicks you've come to expect from Belt Hatchery.
What does Jim do with his free time? The family, '07
What does Jim do when he's not hatching chicks?
Check it out!
Sorry, we just had to show off our pride and joy, the Belt family at our annual trek to Dinkey Creek - '07!

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